Last day of June

This is it. Last day of my favorite month. July isn’t bad so welcome  July.  I have 2 pictures below, one of seedlings that are just popping up that I planted about 5 days ago. The other is a plant I started about 5 weeks ago. Both are squash/pumpkin plants. I planted a bunch of them in May and now have about 7 plants. I can honestly say I do not know which are squash and which are pumpkin. If they mature I will provide pix of them. I started spraying the plants with an organic–non chemical–soap to get rid of any squash bugs that might be starting up this time of year. 

I’m running an experiment to see if the 5 day old plants get the bugs. I read that if you plant them in late June they will bypass the bug cycle.  I won’t be spraying them. 

Checkout my pix:


5 day old seedlings


Squash about 5 weeks old. 


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