June 26, 2015

I recently returned from Tucson after spending 3 weeks on a road trip. Road trips and gardens usually do not mix and so I was relieved to see upon my return that my garden was flourishing. Happily, we had gotten almost 6 inches of rain in that period of time so the plants were busy growing and did not notice my absence. However with rain comes weeds so I have been spending a lot of my time lately weeding and mulching around my tomatoes and other veggies. 

One thing that caught my eye were the beautiful allium cepa AKA onions which had started to go to seed. Not sure why they are going to seed as I have planted onions before without this happening. I’m imagining beautiful allium globes and teeny tiny onions that are not maturing. I’ll have to investigate further and see if my onions are too small to eat. Did all the energy go into producing these beautiful globes. 

Take a look for yourself:




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