(Delphiniums growing in back yard taken May, 2016)

This blog is in reverence to Nature  in picture form, mostly of things wild and  domestic that grow in my small place on the planet. That place is on property of about 2 acres. My goal on this property is to grow a lot of food to eat and to plant native plants that attract a variety of wildlife, including  pollinating insects. My purpose is to interact and observe all the life living here with me, from the smallest bee to the large hawks that fly overhead. Occasionally I will post other nature pictures around NE and places beyond.

My name is Linda Jean and I’ve  lived in rural Nebraska since 1995 with my husband. We have a dog  and a few house cats.

To access this blog go to the right hand corner and click on the  3 small lines.

This blog is for your enjoyment. Please feel free to leave comments.

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